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CFP: “Feminist Ethics and the Question of Gender”

15 Novembre 2018


Special Issue: “Feminist Ethics and the Question of Gender”

Why should feminist ethics and gender be a central focus in the work of
philosophical and theological ethics? While this question has been discussed
within the fields of feminist and gender theory, philosophers and
theologians have often overlooked the category of gender in their work.

Is feminist ethics a distinct ethical theory, or rather a category of
inquiry in any approach to ethics? How does the feminist perspective enrich
our ability to address such subjects as power, social, cultural, and
political participation, poverty, racism, misogyny, homo/transphobia,
economic inequality, and healthcare? And how does this lens sharpen the
reinterpretation of normative understandings of moral, ethical, and
religious traditions? To what degree is the rise of nationalism connected
with normative imageries of masculinity and femininity, which now require
ethical interrogation, especially against the backdrop of social

We want to strike a balance between theoretical inquiries and historical or
contemporary case studies. We welcome contributions from philosophical,
theological, and applied ethics, as well as from political and social
theory, history, psychology, and the sciences. The topic of feminist ethics
and the question of gender can be approached in many ways. For example:

– Feminist ethics, gender, and the traditions of ethics

– Gender roles, gender identity, and gender justice

– Concepts of autonomy and care

– Concepts of masculinity, femininity, and gender fluidity

– Gendered representations of the Divine

– Embodiment and gender

– Nature and freedom in relation to gender

– The pandemic of sexual violence

– Responses to sexual violence, such as #MeToo

– Poverty, racism, structural injustice

– Faces of misogyny and homo/transphobia

– Sexual difference and “gender ideology”

– Political, economic and healthcare inequalities

– Aging and ageism

– Nationalism and populism in relation to gender

The deadline for the thematic issue is November 15, 2018. All submissions
will be subjected to rigorous blind review. Submissions should be between
4,000 and 8,000 words in length. All submissions must be appropriately
anonymized and should be accompanied by a separate file containing an
abstract of 150 to 200 words and all relevant author information. For more
information about layout, style, and the submission and review process,
please see the Instructions for Authors:

De Ethica is committed to a speedy and author-friendly review process; in
most cases, the editors will notify the authors of their decision within
three months. De Ethica seeks to publish scholarly works at the
intersections of philosophical, theological and applied ethics. It is a
fully peer-reviewed, open-access publication hosted by Linköping University
Electronic Press. We are committed to making papers of high academic quality
accessible to a wide audience. De Ethica is published in cooperation with
Societas Ethica, the European Society for Research in Ethics.

Please send submissions only to our assistant editor
( General comments and enquiries about the journal
should be directed to Jenny Ehnberg (
<> )

Editor in Chief Elena Namli (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Executive Editor Jenny Ehnberg (The Church of Sweden Research Department)
Assistant Editor Heidi Jokinen (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)
Editorial Board
Tina Beattie (University of Roehampton, United Kingdom)
Göran Collste (Linköping University, Sweden)
Marcus Düwell (Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands)
Raimond Gaita (University of Melbourne, Australia; and King’s College
London, United Kingdom)
Lena Halldenius (Lund University, Sweden)
Hille Haker (Loyola University Chicago, United States)
Robert Heeger (Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
Neil Messer (Winchester University, United Kingdom)
Michael Northcott (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Philip Pettit (Princeton University, United States)
Pamela Slotte (Helsinki University, Finland)
Hans Ulrich (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
Peter Vallentyne (University of Missouri, United States)


15 Novembre 2018
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