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Call for Papers for a special issue of British Journal for the History of Philosophy: women in philosophy

31 Luglio 2019

Lost Voices: Founding Mothers of Contemporary Philosophy

Call for Papers
for a special issue of
British Journal for the History of Philosophy

The history of contemporary philosophy is generally presented by its
historians as a field founded entirely by men, with no prominent female
contributors until figures like Anscombe, Barcan, and Foot began to make
their names in the 1950s. Historical investigation of the period usually
centres itself around Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein, with occasional
ventures into Moore or the Vienna Circle. But such historical accounts
leave out vast swathes of the historical record, in particular the women,
including Christine Ladd-Franklin, Beatrice Edgell, Sophie Bryant, Mary
Calkins, E.E.C. Jones, publishing on themes central to early analytic
philosophy — logic and its philosophy, the analysis of language, atomism,
realism vs. idealism, existence, relations — from the 1880s onwards in key
philosophical journals such as Mind and Proceedings of the Aristotelian
Society. The British Journal for the History of Philosophy invites
contributions to a special issue devoted to women’s philosophical work in
and around the early period of analytic philosophy, from the late 19th
century to the early 1950s, edited by Sophia Connell and Frederique

We invite proposals for papers to be included in the special issue. These
may be either on individual female philosophers, groups of female
philosophers, a debate between philosophers at least one of whom is female,
women’s contribution to different branches of philosophy (including formal
and mathematical logic), or any other aspect of the history of women in
philosophy between 1880 and 1950. Contributions on female idealists,
pragmatists, or women from other traditions critical of analytic philosophy
are also most welcome, as are contributions on women who worked in the
history of philosophy or ancient philosophy. Many female philosophers prior
to the mid-20th century were proficient in normative as well as systematic
philosophy, but submissions on women’s work in systematic philosophy are
particularly encouraged since their work has been obscured. We also
encourage young scholars, including post-docs and PhD students, to submit

Please submit proposals in the form of a 500 word summary to and by
July 31st 2019.

All submissions will be refereed in accordance with BJHP practice
(double-blind peer review). The deadline for submitting papers accepted for
peer review will be sometime in 2020, as yet to be determined.


31 Luglio 2019
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